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Spraying Systems & Jelly

Our jelly sprayer range of machines allows you to glaze and jelly quickly and effectively.

All jelly sprayers are fitted with the latest technology from heated pipes on the spray gun to high-performance heaters and digital operating and monitoring technology. In addition to the innovative jelly sprayers, we can offer you a range of jellies that can be optimally adapted to the workings of your machine.

Dosing machines

For the economical and precise dosing of mass products, fillings and doughs within your bakery – with maximum functionality for a wide variety of applications thanks to its interchangeable attachments.
Ideal for seasonal pastries and new pastry ideas. Suitable for any size of company. Industrial dosing machines for conveyor systems within the product range.

Release Agent Spraying Systems and Release Agents

All release agents are entirely plant-based and guarantee to release all sorts of bakery products. They can be used for all moulds and trays.

Release agents from boyens backservice can be supplied in a wide range of packaging, from 10 litre cans, to 30 litre kegs, 215 litre drums or in 600 or 1,000 litre containers.




BackGlanz Sprayer - Glazed or nothing!

Original pastry recipes combined with modern and vegetable raw materials, complemented by effective and safe process engineering, guaranteeing efficiency and success!

Release Spray

Release Spray - ideal for kitchens, catering and all bakery and meat establishments.


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